About Us

TourismArmenia was established in 1994 and since then has introduced a number of original tour packages, including Cultural, Adventure, Off-Road, as well as a variety of specialized tours. One of the primary offerings by our company are the birdwatching tours, which are organized and run by TourismArmenia already for the last two decades. In fact, our company was involved in early stages of development of birdwatching tourism sector in Armenia and has took part in organizing the very first such tours in the country. Today several birdwatching tour packages are offered by a dedicated branch of our company - BirdingArmenia.

BirdingArmenia's tours cover the whole range of habitats and elevations throughout the country, and our tours repeatedly reach 220+ species of birds observed during a standard spring-summer tour. Such tours also provide great opportunity to observe and photograph other wildlife – mammals, herps, butterflies, dragonflies etc. Moreover, historical and cultural attractions are often found on our routes and in habitats we visit in search of birds, so our clients frequently enjoy some historical intermissions.

We provide complete service, ensuring that your holidays in Armenia turns into memorable experience. Transfers across the country are made in comfortable vehicles and 4x4 vehicles applied for off-road mountain excursions. Our drivers are experienced and helpful. The accommodation we stay ranges from hotels in capital and larger towns to cosy B&Bs in villages. High quality organic food is offered throughout the tours, considering special diet requirements and with unlimited supply of bottled water. We often do picnic type lunches while in the field, but, where convenient, we also use local restaurants or taverns. Lunch-boxes are provided where necessary.

BirdingArmenia offers standard tours with duration of 10-15 days, as well as specially designed tours, including one-day excursions - according to your requirements and target species of birds to see. We also organize tours for bird photographers. Group size on our tours does not exceed 5-6 persons with one guide and 12-14 persons with two guides, which ensures the effective guide-to-client ratio. Private tours for 1-2 persons are also organized.

Where possible we use local drivers and services in rural communities to ensure they get benefits from the involvement in ecotourism. We also highly evaluate the educational and conservational message of our nature tours when we deal with local inhabitants. People tend to change their attitude towards native nature and wildlife – a rudimentary consumer and overexploiting approach is thus gradually changing into a pro-conservational.



Hey Karen, Vasil and the team!
We've Arrived safely back in Israel
I want to thank you again for an excellent trip !
Everything was well organized and the participants were extremely happy - I've done many tours and this one will be remembered for the excellent logistics - hoping to come back again! in next spring or the one after 2024/5 probably with ~8-10 pax
special thanks to the local team Tatevik, Malik and Samvel for the excellent work
Tatevik was really excellent and just what we needed!

We also found many active raptor nests new to science - seen from the road!
so armenia seams like a top destination for raptors and birds in general
< ... >
in total 120 species for a slow pace tour we didn't see much vultures which for me is a worrying sign for their decline hopefully i'm wrong


David, Shaun and Chris

Hi Karen, Vasil
We just wanted to say thank you for putting together this itinerary for us. We saw everything we wanted to, and more. Further, Armenia is a beautiful country and the whole trip exceeded our expectations.

Samvel was also brilliant and looked after us really well – please pass on our thanks to him also.

Once again, thank you.


Ben Crampton

Dear Vasil, Dear Karen
Just a quick note to say that I had an absolutely fantastic day's birding with Artem yesterday. 71 species by my count, including 16 lifers. Not at all bad for a single day.

Not only was Artem very pleasant company, and a patient and determined guide (he continued searching - successfully - for Lesser Short-toed and Bimaculated Larks long after I would have given up) - but he also brought me luck;

< ... >
It was really a great pleasure all round, and very well worth the cost. I also appreciated very much the effort you, Vasil, put into finding out what I wanted to see and how it could best be arranged to find as many of those as possible. And I appreciated your flexible, trusting and relaxed approach to the financial side of things. Altogether I would recommend your services without hesitation and hope I can take advantage of them myself again in the future. There were still plenty of lifers I couldn't look for this time around!
Please send my thanks and best regards to Artem and Samvel. I'd appreciate a chance to look at some of the photos Artem took.